Why We Started HelloLobby?

Why HelloLobby is Started?

To explain the reason behind this, we must give a brief introduction about 3 founding members of HelloLobby - Trey, David and Nicole.

We are all working at an audiovisual integration company Sinoway Technology. After years on experience in audiovisual consultation and project implementation, we found that none of the front desk registration solution in the market can really meet the client requirements especially on the security level. We need to show our identity card for registration in China (which is not acceptable in the West), many clients even ask to keep of scan the identity card. Having a visitor management system, we need to have the feature of identity card scanning, and keeping record.

We have also been thinking of making the process easier by integration with a very popular instant messenger in China - Wechat which requires all the users to prove their real identity to use the application. The system we are developing now will enable those who have Wechat to scan QR code displayed by HelloLobby, and share their Wechat profile to HelloLobby. This shortens the time we spend on visitor management system already in the market. We are now working with Wechat team to develop an API for both system work seamlessly.

There is also another reason why 3 of us starting HelloLobby, I will share more when on our next blog.

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Visitor Management 
Few words about us
HelloLobby offers a contemporary visitor management system that helps companies to impress their visitors with a stylish and customizable interface with company logo, all information key in on an iPad, smile for a nice picture, and the host will be notified by either email, sms or automated call immediately.
Making the whole front desk registration into 15 seconds. 
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