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What should be considered when choosing a visitor management system?

Updated: Aug 4, 2018


When you have already defined the idea of using visitor management system, what you need to do now is to select the product best suits you. What should you consider when choosing a product? Here are some suggestions to help you choose.

Access security

Security is improved by providing the visitors digital records, and the level of security provided by the visitor management system varies from system to system. For example, watchlist integration will enhance your on-site security and alert your security team to the arrival of high-risk visitors. The alert feature allows security teams to address potential security threats before the point of entry, minimizing disruption to employees, contractors, and visitors. With access control integration, you can provide restricted access to visitors based on their visitor profile, while ensuring a full understanding of the visitor's movements.


Whether it's for short-term visitor referrals, contractors, suppliers, or employee induction and qualification management, compliance is a top priority in the list of visitor management requirements. Each industry has its own regulatory framework, so you must choose a system that provides a customizable workflow.

An efficient visitor management system will store digital records of visitors and contractors, including digital signatures of any policy documents signed at entry. This digital footprint will provide an audit trail for compliance audits and internal investigations. Your visitor management system should include contractor entry, manage contractor qualifications and licenses, track and verify insurance, verify contractor's invoice time, and prevent contractors from checking in when an application for admission expires.

User-friendly design

All software should be designed from the perspective of the user, including usage habits, registration processes and functional choices. While a good visitor management system can provide a fast and intuitive user experience, a truly superior system provides more comprehensive system functionality without compromising functionality. The system should require minimal staff training and an intuitive guest interface to quickly adjust employees and visitors.


Speed ​​is a good measure of VMS. How long does it take for you to complete your customer registration? Do you entertain many visitors and suppliers every day? If so, how do you fully register everyone without the long-term staff waiting to be processed at the front desk? The visitor management system should allow visitors to pre-register to save time on arrival. Custom photo ID badges can be printed in seconds when visitors check in. At the same time, an email or text message is sent to the employee host to inform them that the visitor has arrived and, if desired, can send a message to the visitor.


In addition to providing plenty of access data, the leading visitor management system provides customized reporting, and valuable insight into business operations.

Understanding the flow of visitors and contractors helps maximize space and optimize facility management. A clear understanding of the frequency of customer access, the interaction of salespeople, and the relationship between access and closure opportunities help the sales team making decisions. Emergency respond need automatic access to evacuation reports to accurately reflect personnel field, and evacuation reports should be accessible online and on mobile devices.

How data shared within the organization should be considered. A system that can automatically share a visual representation of the data at regular intervals will unleash the true benefits of the analysis.


With many current visitor management providers focus on the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, many systems lack the scalability to serve enterprise-level organizations in multiple lobbies around the world. To prove your investment in the future, it is recommended to use a scalable solution to quickly roll out features and a centralized guest database. A web-based solution will allow remote system management and ensure implementation of global and regional visitor policies.

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