What makes HelloLobby from an idea to a product?

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Thanks to Wix.com, this helps a lot in making HelloLobby goes live in couple of days after an idea of having an international brand and yet a localized Chinese solution to adapt to the biggest and fastest growing economy.

From the brand name, we believe it somehow gives an rough idea what this HelloLobby product is - yes, you're right, say "hello" at the "lobby" or front desk of a company, then a traditional visitor registration process that will take easily 5 minutes. We're trying to make this process digitized, by filling your information on an iPad, sign with a stylus pen if that is an iPad Pro, smile for a nice picture, press next and your host will be notified by an email or text message or an automated call, sit back and your host will attend to you shortly. Life is so much easier, isn't it?

Everything goes after a logo design, this is how a big project should start. We will post our HelloLobby logo in a week, stay tuned!

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Visitor Management 
Few words about us
HelloLobby offers a contemporary visitor management system that helps companies to impress their visitors with a stylish and customizable interface with company logo, all information key in on an iPad, smile for a nice picture, and the host will be notified by either email, sms or automated call immediately.
Making the whole front desk registration into 15 seconds. 
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