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The importance of product reviews for online marketing

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As we all know, product reviews can be important, but how important are they to marketing activities? Can they really succeed or fail? Does the quantity or quality of the comments you received have a significant impact on your company's line?

90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. - Marketing Land, 2013

Product reviews are an essential part of an online store’s branding and marketing. For many online shoppers, product reviews are one of the biggest influencers of a purchase.

Reviews help your product in a few big ways

One very important task for the E-commerce is to maintain its reputation in the online market. Product Reviews and feedbacks have changed the game for online market since internet has become a shared thing. The Product Reviews help build loyalty and trust and lets the potential consumers know the product much more clearly and the aspects that differentiate it from the rest of the products.

Product Reviews provide us the branding, marketing and advertising of the E-commerce. With the right push, an E-commerce can very easily advertise its prospects in the market via the customer feedbacks. A product has a number of good reviews on the online marketing, the user's interest to the product rises on a general scale – consumers talk more about the product with each other when they meet personally because the available online reviews which catches their eyes.

Whether you open customer reviews on your website or get positive reviews from external sites, you can have a very positive impact on your company’s natural search rankings in search engines. This is because Google's local search algorithm contains data from many third-party directories and review sites, and each new comment on a product increases the amount of unique content your site offers on that product, which means higher authority, higher relevance, and therefore higher access to those page ranks.

Product Reviews are a great way to interact with the consumer and know the details of product from the eyes of the consumer. With the correct follow up of the Product Reviews, you can accurately know the shortcoming of products and the areas in which it can improve the product to meet the needs of the consumer. This leads to a positive experience for the consumer which ultimately helps the business in the future.

The biggest advantage Product Reviews provide for online marketing is the increase in its Sales. Product reviews are so important to businesses because they ultimately increase the sales by giving the consumers the information they need to make the decision to purchase the product. People are always more likely to buy the products which has already been recommended by other users.

There are many simple and affordable ways to let customers tell what they think of the products they’ve bought.

Next blog, we will discuss how to get these very important Product Reviews.

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