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HelloLobby offers a contemporary visitor management system that helps companies to impress their visitors with a stylish and customizable interface with company logo, all information key in on an iPad, smile for a nice picture, and the host will be notified by either email, sms or automated call immediately.
Making the whole front desk registration into 15 seconds. 
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Relation between HelloLobby and Grand Budapest Hotel

Many have asked why we named this visitor management system HelloLobby? Was this inspired by the black humor movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel"? If we tell you the answer is "yes", you may relate HelloLobby to hotel check-in system, but it is not true.

A visitor management system simplifies the visitor registration process by going paperless, all data secured on the cloud, integrate with your office workflow like Worktile & Slack, and also streamline security by having real-time visitor list that is important for evacuation. All these are done only by an iPad on your company reception counter. You may find more information about HelloLobby visitor management solution features at

Therefore HelloLobby is designed not only for a hotel concierge but to meet the requirements of company front desk, school security, factory guard house, concierge and also exhibition registration counter.

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