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6 Reasons To Throw Away PAPER-LOG

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

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Modern businesses need to get rid of their paper log-in books and expect a seamless digital guest login experience. So what are the drawbacks of the paper log-in that need to be solved urgently?

1. Visitor information are complicated to confirm

Visitor registration manually may cause many problems, some visitors may not fill out their entry completely or even falsify information, and the handwriting is hard to decipher, it’s difficult to read the entries and the visitor's identity is difficult to identify. We can't even guarantee that every staff member is doing their due diligence. So if the staff does not carefully check the registration information, most of this is a matter of mere formality and cannot be effectively managed.

2. Inconvenient visitor management system

Visitor information is registered in paper, paper registration forms are easy to lose, easy to damage and difficult to save, even inconvenient to search historical data. If the visitors found problems after one month, find the problem in the large stack of registrations like a needle in a haystack, you lack a central control system and consolidated database to keep track of your visitor information.

3. Low registration efficiency

Manual front desk registration efficiency is extremely low. With the development of the times, the number of tourists in some urban complexes, high-end office buildings and municipal sites is very large. Every visitor needs to register at the reception, which results in a slow registration and bound to cause congestion. The large number of people in the reception not only bring bad experiences to visitors, but also affect the corporate identity. I believe that many of us have an unpleasant experience of being trapped at the reception for a long time when we are in a hurry.

4. Bad first impression

Remember that your reception area instantly reflects your brand, provides the first impression to new clients and prospective employees – this really matters. In today’s era of equality for all, whether visitors are respected directly affects the business cooperation between the two sides. Sometimes, property in order to ensure the safety of visitors, even require respondents to guide visitors to enter which seriously affecting the time and mood of visitors. And may causing visitors have a bad impression of the corporation.

5. Poor Confidentiality of information

Paper log-in information is poorly confidential and can be easily seen by others, whether for legitimate or improper purposes. If you wish to protect the privacy of your guests and keep their information confidential, a paper log book may not be the best choice.

6. Costs lots of money

The labor costs of properly retrieving and analyzing data are high, as well as the cost of supply and storage. If the machine can liberated the labor to solve these cumbersome tasks, the cost will greatly reduce while achieving paperless workplace.

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