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How to improve the customer experience in 6 steps

improve customer exprienct

What can you do to improve your relationship with your customers?

The answer is improving customer experience.

Customer Experience is arguably one of the hottest buzz words of the year, as defined by Software Advice,

"Customer experience is the overall quality of all the interactions a consumer has with a company and its products and services."

No matter how good your software is or how advanced your technology is, customers most likely to remember is their direct interaction with your company.

The following 6 ways are to improve the customer experience

1. Simplify the program

There should be no unrelated content on the visitor registration page that distracts user goals.

The content of each page should be controlled as much as possible to reduce the time users read. In the layout of the page, the number of options should be controlled within 5, so that the customer does not feel impatient, this is a safe number.

The fonts and styles used by the page should be more concise considering the legibility of the selection, and ensure that the font is large enough to make reading easier for customers. In addition, use fewer words to express opinions on the page can make customers to see the options faster.

2. Clear contact information

The contact information should be placed on the obvious position of the page, so that problems can be solved in time. If the customer has a more detailed inquiry that cannot be answered through the self-service option, then other options such as live chat, email or phone contact details should be clearly identified. If a customer feels like they are being avoided, chances are they will avoid using your business in future.

3. Listen to customer feedback and respond

No matter how proactive you are, you can't get rid of each customer's problem.

The purpose of customer interviews is to extract insights from the minds of your customers. Talking can’t achieve this, only listening can. ——Samuel Hulick

In order to improve your product and service offering, you need to have the best possible understanding of what your customer’s needs are. Providing customers with a feedback mechanism, across all of your touchpoints, will enable you to monitor and implement changes to address key issues when they arise.

4. Keep support and updating information

Regular content maintenance is the key to managing and matching customer needs. Organizations that implement a centralized information repository can immediately update information and gaps in knowledge content identified by customer analytics/feedback. This ensures that customers of all channels have access to the same information.

5. Reduce customer effort

Compared to a perfect but high-effect experience, if you can reduce the energy of your customers, the experiment proves that customer satisfaction will be higher.

True customer satisfaction and loyalty come from reducing the amount of effort a customer has to expend to get their issue resolved——Matthew Dixon, Karen Freeman, Nicholas Toman

That’s not to say you should stop trying to delight your customers, but it’s a better use of your energy to make it easy for your customers to get help.

6. Technology is not for technology’s sake

Keep in mind that technology alone isn’t the culprit here; the issue is using technology without considering the needs of your customers, which can end in disaster.A great customer experience is still reliant on memorable employee-to-customer interactions. In other words, it’s still about the people.

The new ways to improve the customer experience must be founded in differentiation and their ability to generate long-term value for the business.

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